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Sand for cat toilet "Vadigran Maximum Odour Control"

Sand for cat toilet "Vadigran Maximum Odour Control"
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Sand for cat toilet "Vadigran Maximum Odour Control"

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✔ 380% absorbency.

✔ Made of the highest quality bentonite, with activated carbon.

✔ Optimal odor control.

✔ Perfect adhesion.

✔ No dust.

✔ Ideal for households with several cats.

✔ Made in Canada.

Despite your best efforts, the cat's toilet often spreads an unpleasant palette of smells throughout the house! This is especially true if there are several cats at home. That's why you need cat litter you can trust! The ones that neutralize urine and excrement odors from the cat toilet. For this specific purpose, Vadigran has developed Maximum Odor Control cat litter made of Bentt/Tton to effectively protect your home from unwanted odors. The fine granules contain activated carbon for quick and complete absorption of odors, while at the same time forming sand balls that can be easily removed from the toilet. A hygienic household requires a hygienic compound. This cat litter is odorless and highly absorbent. Designed to provide the cat with an optimal experience in the cat toilet and ensure complete neutralization of unpleasant odors. Ideal for households with several cats. Vadigran has developed the perfect solution for the loving and clean cat owner.

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