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Happy Dog Sensible Neuseeland & Ireland

Happy Dog Sensible Neuseeland & Ireland
Happy Dog Sensible Neuseeland & Ireland
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✔ Complete dry food for dogs.

✔ Sophisticated recipes for even the pickiest dogs.

✔ Especially suitable for dogs with a sensitive digestive system, with skin and coat problems, or with food intolerance.

✔ Made in Germany.

The Happy Dog Sensible line of dry food for dogs not only surprises with its recipes, but also brings delicious and healthy variety to the dog's food bowl. The range of dry food for dogs from Happy Dog Sensible contains the characteristics of the respective cuisines of the region and is carefully prepared in Bavaria.

Thanks to special processes, the unusual and premium ingredients can be divided in such a way that their ingredients optimally contribute to the well-being of your dog. All food recipes can be mixed together or alternately offered to adult dogs - especially tasty and easily digestible ingredients, even for sensitive dogs.

Happy Dog Natural Life Concept offers optimal and appropriate support for the metabolism using natural products with health-promoting properties and substances such as apple, selected herbs, linseed and trace elements. Your dog's body can benefit from it holistically, from a strengthened immune system to a healthy skin and coat. In terms of carbohydrates, gluten-containing grains are not used. Due to the high quality and bioavailability of the ingredients, these feeds are easily digestible.

Happy Dog Sensible Neuseeland

Happy Dog Sensible Ireland

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