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✔ Extremely light substance.

✔ Especially economical in use.

✔ High absorption and efficiency.

✔ Excellent adhesion - easy care.

✔ Extremely fine grains - perfect for sensitive cat paws.

✔ Minimum dust generation.

✔ Optimal and fast odor control.

✔ Pleasant cotton scent with a special freshness.

✔ Environmentally friendly production with solar energy.

✔ Made in Germany.

66 Days - Ultralight&Particularly Efficient!  

We’ve never made such a low weight and economical mineral litter before! 66 Daysis a high-quality, patented cat litter made of mineral clay granules being 40% lighter in weight than conventional bentonite litters. No heavy carrying, minimum waste and due to its fine granulation especially soft to paws – that’s how 66 Days presents itself! The production and drying by solar energy with best performance is our significant contribution to environmental protection.

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