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    Moonlight Dinner Nr. 2 tuna/chicken/shrimp

 Complete nutrition for adult cats of all breeds.

 With chicken and chicken heart in your juice.

 Recipe for feathering.

 With natural taurine.

 Made in Germany.

Moonlight dinner meat meal is made without chemicals, aroma or flavors.

The main components of Moonlight dinner meat meal chicken are, of authorized manufacturing companies, this is still fresh - and tuna, which comes frozen from the fishing boats.

Moonlight dinner with its very high meat-fish share a supplementary feed (meat meal). To the cat to offer a balanced meal, should the Moonlight dinner meat meal Add 80g more plant food. This is most easily reached by the Beifüttern of dry cat food.  

Chicken 66.25%, chicken heart 3.75%, boiled water 29.37%, Oligosaccharide Feather Growth Recipe 0.15%.
Moisture content 79.5%, protein 17%, fat 0.5%, fiber max.0.5%, ash min. 2%, sodium 0.03%, magnesium 0.02%.

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