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 ✔ Sand / litter for cat litter.

✔ Have a scent of lavender.

✔ Economical and easy to use.

✔ Extreme urine volume and odor control.

✔ Dust and dirt free.

✔ 100% natural and harmless.

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Economical and inexpensive to use.
Because the Elegant Cat cat litter is extremely moist and durable, it is much more economical than traditional cat litter.
Extreme urine volume and odor control.
Each Elegant Cat crystal contains millions of pores that absorb urine and retain its odor.
Does not produce dust and dirt.
Elegant Cat pellets are special shapes that do not stick to cat paws and hair, nor irritate the eyes and nose.
100% natural and harmless.
Elegant Cat Stuff is a 100% natural and non-toxic material that is completely biodegradable.
User manual:
In a cat toilet, Elegant Cat pellets are poured into a layer of 3.5 - 4 cm.
Place the cat's toilet in a dry and warm place.
Feces should be removed from the toilet box daily.
Contaminated Elegant Cat pellets should be replaced regularly.
To get the cat to get used to the new type of toilet filling, it is advisable to mix them with previously used ones for a while. If several cats use the toilet, the pellets should be changed more often.
Wash hands after handling cat's toilet.

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